Friday, January 30, 2015

Bringing Children to Satsang

Today morning, my wife and I were planning to go to AOL ashram to meet Guruji and attend the satsang. We have asked my daughter to come along. She is 13 years old. Her first reaction was that I am not coming. What do I do there? It is no fun. First tendency as an Indian parent was to yell at her and tell her you must come along. But for a moment a thought passed though my mind. Do I like being forced into something ? Hell no. So after thinking for a moment, I decided to try a different approach. I asked her whether she heard about laser and she answered yes. Then I asked what is laser and why it is very powerful ? She didn't know the answer. I told her that in laser all the photons are moving in the same direction, unlike in other waves where they are scattered. She immediately understood. My next explanation was that Guruji is someone whose mind is clear and focused. Being in his presence, we will be able to get our mind also focused. Like a small piece of iron getting magnetic capability in presence of a big magnet. She immediately understood and has agreed to come to the ashram. Like Guruji says we need to be skillful in bringing people to the path. Skill comes to you when you are aware and present...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Givers and Takers

During my role as an astrologer, I have came across people from different walks of life - Rich (MPs of parliament, business owners)  and Poor (Who don't have enough to buy their next lunch), healthy and unhealthy, successful and not so successful yet people. However if not all, most of them come to me with the question as why this is happening to me. When I look through their horoscope, it is clear that they are reaping the results of their own Karma. One of the key advise I give to people, along with astrological reading is to focus on others - be a giver in this life vs a taker. When you focus on giving, abundance fills all aspects of your life. The universe can not, but to give you more, because the universe reflects what you embodies. The more and more you focus on this aspect of life, you will see life around you changes. I have number of people who came back to me and told me about the change they saw in their own life. Of course, if you have been living a particular life style, it will take time to change. However it is worth it.

Many people are worried about the impact of Saturn - Saturn represents the karmic effect due to ill treating people who are socially and economically below you. I am pretty sure, a lot of us take such people for granted. But then, those Karmas are going to come back as the impact of Saturn. One of the best ways to reduce the Saturn impact is to serve those who doesn't have as much as you.

So be a giver - whether at home or at work or with friends. There is nothing so beautiful than seeing others happy. When you can bring happiness to someone else, it will bring back the blessings to you and your life becomes more and more wonderful.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Old Habits Die Hard

Even if you are fully aware that something is not right, how often have you indulged in it? Everyone knows eating too much is not good for them, but even doctors do that. Why would you expect spiritual path to be different ? For someone who went through life changing health event caused by obesity, it is much easier to drop over eating. For rest of us, it is will applied over and over again. Spiritual life is the same. Till the truth is completely established again and again, old habits keep popping up. After all, these habits are due to years and years of conditioning. If you are lucky (or unlucky), then there are life changing events that will make you fully established on the path. For the rest of us, keep reminding ourselves of the truth, even after you have seen the glimpses of it. So that is where Sadhana, Satsang and Knowledge comes handy. Regular practice keep us grounded and reduces the impact of distractions. After a certain point, the equilibrium turns to the side of truth and you remain in it naturally. Till that time don't slow down the effort...